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  • Adding contracting entities
  • Adding contractors
  • Tax waiver certificates and their expiry dates for German contractors

To create a new project or a new contract in Alasco, you need a contracting entity. To change the status of a contract from "Draft" to "Ordered", you need to assign a contractor. Contracting entities can only be added by administrators. However, contractors can be added by a "regular user". More information regarding account roles is found in our help centre.


Adding a contracting entity

The list of existing contracting entities is found in the master data under the submenu item "Contracting entities". Additional contracting entities can be created by clicking on the button "+ Add" at the top right of the screen. The only mandatory field is the name of the contracting entity. The following additional information can be entered when adding a contracting entity:

  • Address
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Tax authority (Germany specific)
  • Tax ID


Adding a contractor

Analogous to the procedure for adding contracting entities, you can add a contractor by going to the submenu item "Contractors" under master data and clicking "+ Add". The only mandatory field is the name of the contractor. The following additional information can be entered for the corresponding sections:

  • General:
    • Address
    • Zip Code (the format will be checked based on the selected country)
    • City
    • Country (you can choose between European countries via the drop-down menu)
  • Contact person:
    • Contact person's name
    • Phone number (the format will be checked based on the selected country)
    • E-mail
  • Payment information:
  • Tax information:
    • VAT ID
    • Tax ID (only available for German contractors)
    • Accounts payable number
    • Tax authority state (only available for German contractors)
    • Tax waiver requirement (check box - only available for German contractors)


If the contractor has not been added, you can add the contractor during contract creation or when editing the contract details. While on the "Add contract" page or the "Edit details" page, click on the Contractor field in the Details section and click on the first option, "+ Add new"

The newly created contractor is automatically selected. You can always edit the contractor in the Master data later.


You can always go back and edit the contracting entities and contractors by going into the Master data, selecting the corresponding contracting entity or contractor and then clicking on the button "Change" or "Edit", respectively.


Contractor's tax waiver certificate (only available for German contractors)

If a contractor has a tax waiver certificate from the tax office, you can upload it to Alasco by checking the "Required" box. A mandatory text field will appear to fill in the security number assigned by the tax office. The certificate as a PDF can be uploaded using the button "+ Add document".

If you do not have the tax waiver certificate yet, you can still check the "Required" box and provide the security number.


Validity of the contractor's tax waiver certificate (only available for German contractors)

During the invoice approval workflow, the security number is used to check the validity of the tax waiver certificate with the responsible German tax authority. If the uploaded certificate is no longer valid, you will automatically be informed during the invoice approval workflow. You can manually specify whether it is "valid", "invalid" or "not available".
You can find more information on this in our Help Centre article about the invoice approval workflow.

You can display the expiry date of a tax waiver certificate as a column in the contractors' overview list. The expiry date of the certificate is requested when the contractor is created or during invoice verification.
If not entered during contract creation, the expiry date is blank in the contractor's overview list. However, during the invoice approval workflow, the query to the tax office is triggered, and the expiry date is then visible in the system.

If the expiry date is not displayed, you can download the tax waiver certificate, uncheck the box "Tax waiver required" and save your changes. Request the certificate again from the contractor and upload it again to Alasco. You should be able to see the new expiry date in the system. Otherwise, wait until the next invoice for the respective contractor is imported and checked through the invoice approval process.



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