Difference between deleting and archiving


  • Deleting contract units, contracts, and change orders
  • Archiving or deleting invoices
  • Advantages of archiving



As an admin, you have the right to delete contract units, contracts, change orders, invoices and attachments. Once deleted they are permanently removed from Alasco. There is no possibility to view or restore deleted items. However, as an admin, you can view each deletion in the change history.



You can also archive invoices. Both options are available during the entire invoice workflow. When you archive an invoice, it is no longer considered in the cost calculations in Alasco. In contrast to the deletion process, however, it can still be viewed for traceability reasons. You can find it by going to the specific contract under the menu item "Invoices" and then "Archived invoices". Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore archived invoices.


Advantages of archiving

Archiving has the advantage that you can call up invoices again at a later date. For example, if you receive a correction of an invoice or an invoice is cancelled, you can view this invoice again after archiving when you upload the corrected or new invoice. 


You cannot view a deleted invoice again in Alasco, as it is permanently removed from Alasco.



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