Shifting & Increasing the Budget in the Contract Unit


  • Increase or decrease the current budget in the contract unit 
  • Shift budget between contract units 
  • Overview of all the changes in budgets 


In Alasco, the budget of a project is distributed through cost elements.
The respective budget of each contract unit that is defined at the beginning of a project, can be increased, reduced, and/or shifted to other contract units during the project.


Change budget in one contract unit

When you open Alasco, by default you see all the projects in the dashboard in the so-called "multi-project view". Select the project here via the project box or the drop-down menu in the upper left corner to adjust the budget here.

Then click on the "Costs" menu item and go to the submenu "Contract Units". Here, select the contract unit that you want to edit. Scroll to the end of the overview in the contract unit until you see the "Budget shifts" field.
Now select "Increase budget" or "Shift budget" to adjust the current budget of the contract unit.




The "current budget" is different from the "initial budget" in Alasco.
If the initial budget needs to be changed during the planning phase, you should save this change under the "Budget" tab in the "Costs" menu item until the preliminary budget for construction is finalized. This adjustment is automatically recorded in the budget history. Then distribute the initial budget to the contract units accordingly.


Increase budget (Current)

The budget that you have created under the "Budget" tab is the initial budget of the project in Alasco. If this budget needs to be increased again after the start of the construction phase, you can enter this through the "Increase budget" button in the contract unit. Also, specify the reason for the increase here.


If you want to reduce the budget of a contract unit, enter minus sign before the amount.


In the cost controlling, you can always see the difference between the budget of the planning phase (initial budget) and the budget that is extended until the end of the project (current budget).


Shift budget (Current)

If all the contracts in a contract unit are completed and the finished contract amount is less than the total budget for that contract unit, in that case, you will achieve a so-called contract profit. You can shift that unused budget of that contract unit to other contract units. To do this, you can use the "Shift budget" button to transfer the budget from one contract unit to another.

In the box, enter the amount to be shifted, the reason for the shift, and the contract unit to which you want to transfer this budget. Before you confirm the shift, you will see a balance sheet showing the amount before and after the shift in both contract units.



Create contingency and shift

In Alasco you have the option to create contract units as a contingency. You can also shift the budget from a contingency contract unit to other contract units if it is needed there. To do this, select the contingency contract unit and follow the steps above.

Overview of all the budget shifts

On the "Budget" tab under the "Budget change" section, you can get any time an overview of all the changes made in the past and can also see when and by which user those changes were made. You can therefore track, between which contract units the shifts have taken place and which budgets have been increased or reduced.



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