SEPA export


  • How to export all relevant invoice payment information as a SEPA file from Alasco.
  • You can then import this file in xml format into common banking software, such as SFirm or StarMoney, to make a payment transfer.


Requirements for exporting

Not all invoices are automatically qualified for payment information export. The following requirements must be fulfilled in order for you to start a SEPA export:

  • The invoice must be in "Released" status. This means that the invoice must be in the last step of the invoice checking process "Pay invoice".
  • The IBAN and BIC must be defined in the contractor's entry in the master data.

In addition to these requirements, the IBAN and BIC of your company bank account from which the payment is to be made must be defined in the project settings. To do this, select the project settings in the navigation on the left side of the screen and click on "Edit". In the menu that appears, you can enter the data in the corresponding fields.


Creating an export

You can create the SEPA export directly from the invoice list. To do this, click on the "Invoices" tab in the multi-project view or within a project in the menu item "Costs".
In the invoice list you can now display the column "Qualified for SEPA export" in the list via the button "Add columns". Here you can see whether an invoice is suitable for export or not, for example, if one of the above-mentioned requirements is not fulfilled.


In addition to the new column "Qualified for SEPA export", you can now also display the IBAN and BIC of the contractor in the invoice list. This way you can see at a single view whether the contractor's bank details are entered in Alasco.

Click on the "Export" button at the top right and select "SEPA export" to start an export. In the list that appears, you can see in detail all the invoices that you can currently export.


You can limit your selection in advance by using the filter function in the invoice list and thus, for example, only display the invoices of a certain contractor or within a defined invoice period.

Within the list of preselected invoices, you can now select all invoices for which you want to generate the SEPA export by ticking the box at the left edge of the table.

You also have the option to adjust the payment amount in advance. By default, the approved invoice amount in Alasco is used and cash discount deductions are ignored. Place a tick in the field "Deduct cash discount" if you want to deduct a discount. Now you have the option to either set a planned payment date or to order the payment regardless of the planned payment date.
If you set a planned payment date, all cash discounts whose cash discount period is before this date will be taken into account.
If you select the second option, the cash discount amount will be deducted in all cases, regardless of the payment date and the defined cash discount period.
The amounts that are finally exported as payment amounts are highlighted in yellow in the export list.

Then click on the "Export" button at the top right edge of the screen and the SEPA export in xml format will be downloaded automatically. You can then upload this file to your banking software and the data from Alasco will be transferred to the appropriate fields.


Further information on the SEPA export

  • All data included in the SEPA export (payee, IBAN, BIC, payment amount, etc.) can be adjusted again in your used banking software after importing the file. The information is simply transferred into the corresponding fields.
  • The external invoice number and the invoice date as well as the technical identification number are automatically entered as the reason for each payment.
    This is used for the automatic matching of payments and invoices via our Public API.
  • For an export that only includes invoices from one project, the system creates a file in xml format. If you start an export at multi-project level (includes invoices from several projects), the system creates a zipped file in which there is a subfolder for each project. In these subfolders you will then find the respective file in xml format.


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