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Create change orders

You can create a change order either via the menu item "Costs" and submenu item "Change Orders" and the button "+ Add change order" at the top right of the screen, or directly within a contract under the tab "Change orders".


If you want to check change orders using a workflow, it is necessary to create a change order workflow. To add a change order workflow, go to the "Workflow" menu in the master data, select "Change order workflow", and click the "+ Add" button. After you have created it, go to the project settings of the respective project and activate the change order workflow by clicking the "Edit" button.


In the article change order workflow, you will learn how to create the workflow.

To create a new change order while in the "Change orders" overview, click on the button "+ Add change order" at the top right of the screen.

Certain mandatory data, such as the corresponding contract, change order name and identifier, the change order date and the claimed amount, are required for each newly created change order. Information regarding who triggered the change order and the basis of claim must also be inputted.


You can upload complementary documents to the change orders in Alasco.

Click on the "Create change order" button to finalise the creation of the change order.

Manage change orders

After a change order is created, it can have any of the following statuses:

  • Open
  • Details entered
  • Acknowledged
  • Declined

While a change order has the status "Open" or "Details entered", all fields can be edited. However, as soon as a change order has the status "Acknowledged" or "Rejected", it can no longer be edited.

Once a change order has the status "Acknowledged", you can decide whether the amount of the change order is to be paid from "Reserves", provided these have been created in the corresponding contract. To do this, check the box "Subtract from reserves".

You can also "add a weighting factor for the real-case cost forecast". You can find more information on this in our related Help Centre article.

An overview of all your change orders is provided by the change order list in Alasco. You can access it under the menu item "Costs" and submenu item "Change Orders". The list can show the change orders for all projects combined or for a specific project. You can add and remove columns to the displayed list as per your requirements. You can save several different views to meet your requirements and quickly switch between them. You can also filter the change orders using any of the active columns. Additionally, you are able to export any specific view in .xlsx format.


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