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Welcome to the Alasco External User Training!

In the following videos, we will explain the basics to work efficiently in Alasco. To learn how to set up your user account, see our first steps training.


This training contains colour-coded links to articles in our Help Center that provide more information about the features shown.

Invoice Approval Step

The invoice approval within Alasco has several approval steps. In this video you will mainly get the information on the step "technical invoice check". You can easily find information on other invoice approval steps within this article invoice approval within the project.

Change orders

Change orders can be added and edited without any defined process within Alasco. However you are also able to set up a change order workflow within the master data.
Additional information on handling change orders can be found in the help center articles on creating change orders and change order workflow.

Lists in Alasco

Most of the data processed in Alasco is displayed in lists. All lists have a standardised structure and the same functions. The video uses the invoice list to show how to use lists in Alasco.


If you want to delve deeper into Alasco, you can explore other topics in the Help Center.


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