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Welcome to the Alasco Administrator Training!

In the following videos, we will explain the basics to work efficiently in Alasco. In order to learn how to set up your user account, see our first steps training.


This training contains highlighted links to articles in our Help Centre that provide more information about the features shown.

Users & their rights and roles

How to invite users to Alasco?


How is the rights and roles system structured?

In Alasco, there is a multi-level rights and roles structure to ensure that each user can view and edit the information relevant to their responsibilities and tasks. The different roles and permissions are explained in the Help Centre article linked in the heading.

Contracting entities & contractors

How do I add contracting entities?


How do I add contractors?

Creating properties & projects

To create a project in Alasco, you first need to add a property (land, building, plot, etc.). The following video will show you the necessary steps to create both. Furthermore, you will see what additional information can be provided in the project settings.

In our Help Center, detailed articles on the following topics can be found:

How to create and edit a workflow

In Alasco, invoices and change orders workflows are used to review and approve invoices and change orders, respectively. These workflows should be defined before or during the project setup. How to do so is explained in the following video.
In our Help Centre, you will find more articles on this topic, such as how to customise the automatically generated stamp on the invoice/change order cover sheet.

Editing cost groups

In Alasco, budgets are assigned to cost groups and then distributed to the contract units. The following video details how to edit the cost groups and cost elements. 

Project groups

If you manage multiple projects in Alasco, you can group them into project groups to report and analyse them together in a clear manner. The following video explains how to create the project groups and illustrates their benefit in the dashboard and cost controlling.

Forecast settings

In Alasco, there is a distinction between project and contract forecasts. Both types of forecasts can be presented in real and worst case scenarios. In this video, you will learn about the forecast settings available.

Custom fields

Alasco provides the option to create custom fields for contracts. Custom fields need to be created first in the master data before they can be used, as explained in the video. 

Change history

The change history feature allows you, as an admin, to view any changes made to data in Alasco, providing full transparency and the ability to track every step. The following video summarises all relevant functions.


If you want to delve deeper into Alasco, you can explore other topics in the Help Centre.


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