Invite users


  • Add new users to Alasco
  • Assign permissions to employees at the account level as well as in projects
  • Send user invitations
  • Change name in personal settings


Add new users

The users of an account are managed in the "Users" tab in the master data in Alasco. As an admin, you can set up new users and send invitations. To do this, click on the "+ Add user" button at the top right of the screen. 

The following data is required for the creation of new users:

  • Email address
  • Account role
  • Default project role

This data is required to allocate any changes and activities carried out in Alasco to a specific person.

Finally, click on "Invite user" to create the new user in your Alasco account.


Users authorisations

When setting up new users, it is necessary to assign the default project role in addition to the account role. This role determines the initial reading and writing authorisation of users for all projects assigned to them.
The default project role defines the pre-selected project role of the user if they are given access to another project. This role applies to the Costs section as well as the Revenues section, provided this is enabled for your account. Click on the "Configure role" button to define a different default project role for the Revenues section.

If the default project role does not apply to certain projects, you can customise the project roles of users for each project individually at any time. All roles of all created users can be adjusted subsequently. Select a user in the master data and redefine the account role and individual project roles.


In our article "Rights and roles", we give you a further overview of all available combinations of account and project roles as well as which authorisations users consequently have in Alasco.

As with the default project role, you can also define the initial access of users for cost elements and decide whether users receive full access to all cost elements by default or only receive project-specific restricted access to selected cost elements.


Send user invitations at a later date

If users are to be invited directly when their accounts are created, you can select the "Invite user by email immediately after account creation" option. To do this, tick the required box when creating the new user. If you deactivate this option, the users will not receive an invitation to Alasco at first and you will have the possibility of inviting them at a later time.

You can resend or revoke the invitation by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side, if the invitation has already been sent and the user has not yet signed up with Alasco.

After completing the account set-up process and sending the user invitations, the invited users receive an email in which they are asked to enter their first and last name and to set a personalised password.


To change your name if you are already an active user, you can make the change in your personal settings. To do so, click on your name in the top right-hand-corner, click on "Personal settings" and then on the "Edit name" button under your currently displayed name.


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