Personal settings


  • Set up a profile picture
  • Activate open tasks notifications
  • Activate absence and select a substitute when you are out of the office
  • Select region and language
  • Change password
  • View data privacy policy
  • Edit cookie settings


To access your personal settings and make the desired changes, first, click on your name in the menu bar at the top right of the screen and then select "Personal Settings".





In the Profile section, you can change your name using the "Edit name" button and upload a profile picture to personalise your Alasco account. To do this, click on the circle with your initials or the "Upload New Photo" button to the right and upload an image to Alasco.



In Alasco, you will be notified of outstanding tasks via the number on the task mailbox in the menu bar at the top of the screen and in the "Tasks in progress" field on the dashboard.

In addition, to be reminded of your tasks, even when you are not logged into Alasco, you can activate daily e-mail notifications using the switch button in the Notifications section. You can set when the e-mail notifications are sent.


Absence and substitute

If you are absent for a certain period, you can activate this absence in your personal settings. If you have activated the setting, you will bear the status "Out of office", and you can select a substitute from all other users in Alasco to take over your existing and newly assigned tasks during this period.


The substitute settings always refer to the currently selected account. If you work in several Alasco accounts, please define your absence and respective substitute in each account.

Remember to deactivate the absence setting when you are back on duty.


Please note that a user acting as a substitute cannot activate their absence setting.


Region and languages

Alasco can be used in either English or German, and you can adjust the time zone to your region.



You can change your password at any time. Click on the "Change password" button and enter your old password in the next step to assign a new password. You will find detailed instructions on how to change your password in our Help Centre article.


Data privacy policy

You can also view the current version of your data privacy policy and edit your cookie settings.



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