Absence settings and assigning a substitute


  • Setting yourself absent in Alasco
  • Assigning a substitute
  • Background information on the concept of the substitutions in Alasco



If you are absent for a certain period due to holiday, illness etc., you can activate your absence in your personal settings. If you have activated the setting, you will assume the status "Out of office" for all project members.


The substitute settings always refer to the currently selected account. If you work in several Alasco accounts, please define your absence and respective substitute in each account.

If the absence setting is activated, you can select a substitute from all other users in Alasco to take over your existing and newly assigned tasks during this period. Please ensure that your substitute has the same permissions and access to the same projects as you in Alasco. 

Do not forget to deactivate the absence setting as soon as you are back on duty.


Please note that a user currently acting as a substitute cannot activate their own absence setting.


Substitution arrangements

A central component of Alasco is the invoice workflow, which determines who is assigned which task in the invoice workflow. The assigned substitute receives an e-mail notification once a day as soon as there are open tasks in Alasco, if this function has been activated in the personal settings.

This is based on the principle Alasco follows that by definition only one user is responsible for a particular verification step. With the replacement settings you can, however, transfer your tasks to another user during your absence. As soon as your substitute has completed a task assigned to them, their name will also appear in the places in Alasco where the processes are recorded, e.g. the change history or the digital approval stamp.

Alasco's goals here are:

  • Traceability - transparency as to who has worked on which tasks
  • Seamless teamwork - taking over tasks based on authorisation
  • Intuitive design - no extra set-up of rules necessary


In the Help Centre article "Taking over tasks", you can find out how to take over and reassign invoice and change order approval steps from other users, if they have forgotten to activate their absence in Alasco.


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