User rights: restricted access


  • How to restrict specific cost groups and cost elements
  • How to set full or restricted access to users


Restricting cost groups and cost elements

The Rights and Roles concept of Alasco is explained in a separate article. In addition to this concept, which consists of the account role and the project role of a user, the functionality "Full/Restricted Access" enables a further (content-related) control level of information.

Once a project is selected, the cost group restriction can be set under the menu item "Project Settings", and the tab "Full/Restricted Access" at the top. You can select the individual cost groups that will be hidden from users with restricted access. A whole cost group or individual cost elements can be hidden.

Restricted access can be extended to several cost groups. On the right, the associated contracting units that will be hidden from users with restricted access are listed. Correspondingly, all contracts, change orders and associated invoices within those contract units will also be hidden.

Only one definition of restricted access can be created per project, and it applies to all users with the cost group restricted access.

Assigning full or restricted access

Setting either full or restricted access to each user can be done under the menu item "Master data" and submenu item "Users". You can assign full access or restricted access as default for all projects when you first add a user or by clicking "Edit user and role" and using the drop-down menu. Or you can assign full or restricted access on a project basis under the "Assigned projects" and clicking on the "Edit project role" button. 


If you select restricted access for a user, this user cannot create budget versions or adjust the budget.



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