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Our Help Centre articles, First Steps and Approving Invoices using Workflows, explain how to upload invoices manually in Alasco.
In addition, it is possible to have invoices uploaded automatically in Alasco. This is done via the project e-mail address, which is defined per project. Contractors, for example, can send their invoices to this address and they will be uploaded directly and appear as tasks in Alasco for the user responsible for the project e-mail address.

Requirements for the automated invoice upload

  • The invoice must be in PDF format.
  • Only one PDF document can be attached per e-mail because the system cannot distinguish between invoices and attachments (e.g. daily reports, etc.).

If an invoice cannot be uploaded, the Alasco user responsible for the project e-mail address will receive an e-mail with an error message.


The sender's e-mail address is displayed in the invoice history. To view it, select the invoice in Alasco and click the History tab on the right.


How to request a project e-mail address

If you want to use the automated invoice upload in a project, please follow the instructions below for the request: 

  • Write an e-mail with the subject "Set up project e-mail address" to
  • Name the user who will be responsible for assigning the invoices uploaded in Alasco to the corresponding contracts within the project. After the contract is assigned, the invoice will be pushed to the respective workflow as defined for the corresponding contract unit.
  • Advise your preferred naming convention for the first part of the e-mail address. The ending is always "". The default setting is:

As an administrator, you can view a previously set up project e-mail address in the Project Settings in the Basic Settings tab. In addition, the project e-mail address is displayed to all users when an invoice is added manually.


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