Default project role


  • Assign and change the default project role of users
  • Faster integration of users into projects through preset access and editing rights
  • How to deal with deviations from the default project role

Function and advantage of the Default project role 

All Alasco users receive a default project role, which will allow them to be included in new projects even faster and more reliably in the future. If users are granted project access in the future, they will automatically receive the default project role. This saves valuable time when defining and managing access rights. If the default project role does not apply in a particular case, admins can adapt it for the user on a project-specific basis.

Adding new users

When creating a user account, you will be prompted to specify a default project role for the user. With this, you determine your users' read and write permissions for all projects assigned to them. In the following step, you can assign projects to the user, for which they will have the corresponding access and editing rights. The default project role is applied exclusively to projects that have already been assigned to them and has no influence on projects that have not been assigned to the user.


Assigning the default project role to existing users

Based on their project roles, all existing users will be assigned a default project role that grants them the lowest access rights.


Users with Alasco accounts created before May 5th 2022 were assigned the lowest access default project role based on their active project roles.

Example: A user has access to three projects, two of them as a manager and one as an observer. Consequently, the observer default project role was set automatically. Of course, existing access rights to already assigned projects do not change.

If an admin would like to adjust the default project role for users, they can do so by selecting a user in the Users list in the master data and clicking on "Edit user and role".

Then selecting the desired role in the drop-down menu under "Default project role". Clicking on "Configure role", allows you to define a separate revenue default project role. If the Revenues functionality is enabled.

If the default project role for a user is updated, all existing project roles will remain unchanged. If all project roles are to be updated to the new default project role, it is necessary to unassing them from all projects and then reassign them.


Deviations from the default project role

On the user details page, you will find the "Assigned Projects" table. In this view, all projects to which the user has access to are listed. If the default project role set here is not applicable for a specific project, you can change their costs and revenues role using the "Edit project role" button.


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