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  • Creating the invoice cover sheet
  • Information on the invoice cover sheet


Creating the invoice cover sheet

During the invoice approval workflow, Alasco automatically creates a cover sheet for each invoice containing relevant invoice details. The cover sheet is available for download as a PDF file. You can choose to download the cover sheet individually or together with the invoice and any uploaded attachments.


The invoice cover sheet is only created in the "Check and approve the invoice" step of the invoice approval workflow. Therefore, the cover sheet is not yet available in the steps "Complete invoice details" and "Check the formal correctness of the invoice".

A logo can be added to the invoice cover sheet for each contracting entity. This can be your own logo, that of the project company or that of the contracting entities. Please contact your Alasco representative or our support team if you would like to add your logo. The invoice cover sheet also contains a QR code. Scan it to access the invoice cover sheet, the invoice and supporting attachments in Alasco.


Please note that the cover sheet does not constitute an invoice within the meaning of §14 UStG in German Law.


Information on the invoice cover sheet

By default, the invoice cover sheet contains the following information:


  • Contract unit
  • Contracting entity
  • Property

  • Project

  • Contractor

  • Contract

  • Contract number

  • Contract date

  • Cost centre

  • Contract volume (main contract including approved change orders)

  • Reserves

  • Open risks

  • Total amount

  • Approved payments (net)

  • Paid payments (net)


  • External identifier

  • Internal identifier

  • Invoice type

  • Invoice date

  • Date received

  • Cash discount date

  • Due date

Cost Allocation

All cost allocations and how the corresponding invoice is distributed among them are displayed here. The cost allocation must have already been created in the project.

Overview of current invoice

In this section, all information regarding this invoice is displayed, such as deductions, retentions, cost allocations, previous instalments, if applicable, insurance and cash discount deductions.

In the last block, the gross amount to be paid is displayed. If you have agreed on a cash discount, the deadline for the cash discount and the gross amount minus the cash discount is also displayed here. If you have stored bank details for the contractor in the master data, these will also be displayed here.
If the invoice is an instalment invoice, you can display all previous instalment invoices in a table on a second page of the invoice cover sheet.

Approval stamp

When defining the invoice approval workflow, you can specify approval stamps for each approval step. You can also create a payment stamp after the last step of the invoice verification "Pay invoice".
These stamps are displayed at the bottom of the invoice cover sheet after each completed step. In addition to a configurable title and content, they also contain the name of the person who approved the invoice and when it was approved (date and time).


The invoice cover sheet is customisable and can be changed at any time. If you want to display additional information on the invoice cover sheet or if you do not want certain data to be displayed, please contact your Alasco representative or our support team.


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