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Adding a new invoice

In Alasco, invoices are always assigned to a project. Therefore, the easiest way to add an invoice is in the project's dashboard view. To do this, first, select the relevant project and click on "+ Add invoice" in the right-hand corner of the "Invoices in process" section. Alternatively, you can also find the "+ Add invoice" button under the menu ite am "Costs" and submenu item "Invoices" of the project or in the respective contract under the "Invoices" tab.

Similarly, you can also go to the menu item "Costs" in the "Invoices" tab in the multi-project view and click on "+ Add invoice" in the upper right-hand corner. Then select the corresponding project to which the invoice should be uploaded. 

You have the option of uploading your invoice in PDF format. To do this, click on "Select" and select the corresponding invoice file. The invoice details are automatically read and entered. The invoice is then assigned the invoice workflow previously defined in the contract unit

Invoices can be uploaded by "Drag&Drop" or by browsing for the file. Multiple invoices can be uploaded at the same time.


Invoice types in Alasco

When you add a new invoice in Alasco, you can choose from five different invoice types. In addition to classic single invoices, you can add advance payments, installments, partial final invoices, as well as final invoices in Alasco. 

Please note that installment invoices can only be added in consecutive numbering. For example, if there is already a 2nd installment, a newly added installment automatically becomes the 3rd installment. It is not possible to interrupt the numbering. If you do not want to start your invoice import with the 1st installment, you can set a start value in the "Advanced options" of the contract. This will then be displayed in the invoice overview of the contract under the item "Invoices managed outside Alasco".

If you want to final invoice a contract with installments, then add the last installment or the final invoice and set the invoice type as final invoice. The remaining amount to be paid out is automatically calculated from the difference between the verified invoice amount and the sum of the previous installments. A final invoice automatically changes the status of a contract to "Completed".


Invoice cover sheet

For each invoice added, Alasco automatically creates an invoice cover sheet containing the relevant invoice details. In addition, your logo and the individual approval stamps from your invoice workflow can be added to the cover sheet. 

If the invoice is an installment, a second page of the invoice cover sheet is generated where you can view all previous installments. 

The invoice cover sheet is customisable. If you have any questions about this, want to add missing information to the cover sheet or do not want to see certain information on the cover sheet, contact your designated Customer Success Manager or Alasco Support.


Invoice list

An overview of all your invoices is provided by the improved invoice list in Alasco. You can access it under the menu item "Costs" and submenu item "Invoices". The improved list can show the invoices for all projects combined or for a specific project. You can add and remove columns to the displayed list as per your requirements. You can save several different views for your specific requirements and quickly switch between them. You can also filter the invoices using any of the active columns. You are also able to export any specific view in .xlsx and .xml formats.


You can find a detailed explanation of the invoice list functions in the article Improved invoice list, contract unit list, contract list and change order list in our Help Centre.


Learn how to create advance payments and standing invoices in Alasco in our Help Centre's under advanced articles.


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