Create contract units


  • Creating contract units
  • Assigning workflows to contract units
  • Creating contract units during budget distribution


Create contract units

Contract units can be created in Alasco under the menu item "Costs" under the submenu item "Contract units". New entries can be added here in the same way as contracts and change orders. To do this, click on the button "Add contract unit" at the top right corner of the screen.

When you create a new contract unit, it is necessary to assign it a name and a type. You can decide whether you want to create a "normal" contract unit or a reserve.


You cannot create contracts within a reserve contract unit. However, you shift budget from reserve contract units to "normal" contract units at any time.

The budget can be distributed to contract units and reserves alike. The article on budget distribution explains how to distribute budget to contract units. A reserve contract unit is treated differently from a contract unit in the cost controlling. The difference is described in more detail in the article on cost controlling.


Assigning established invoice workflows

When creating a project, a default invoice workflow must be assigned. This invoice workflow is preselected whenever a new contract unit is created. The invoice workflow is then consequently inherited by the contracts and associated invoices within the contract units.

However, you can assign an invoice workflow different from the default workflow to a contract unit. To do this, select your preferred invoice workflow in the drop-down menu "Invoice workflow" when creating or editing the contract unit. Note that you can only select already created invoice workflows.


You can also enter text in the invoice workflow field to search for a certain workflow.

In Alasco, you can also have a predefined workflow for change orders.

As soon as you have created a change order workflow and assigned it to the project in the project settings, you can assign contract units their own change order workflows, which differ from the default change order workflow.


Please note that in both cases you can only select workflows that have already been created in the master data.


Create contract units during budget distribution

Another way to create a contract unit is directly from the budget distribution. To do this, call up the "Budget" menu item in the "Costs" area and navigate to the "Budget distribution" tab. Here you can distribute the budget of a cost element to one or more contract units. To do this, click on the "Edit" button on the right-hand side of the screen in the line of the cost element. In the window that opens, you will see all contract units that already receive a budget from the cost element. Click on the "+ Assign contract unit" button to select another contract unit.

A new line will then appear in which you can select from contract units that have already been created and enter a budget.

Click on the first field "+ Add new". This opens the same input screen as described above. Enter all the information required to create the contract unit here and create it by clicking the "Save" button.

The contract unit type is automatically assigned when creating a contract unit from the budget distribution page. A reserve must be created from the submenu item "Contract units" as per the method specified when creating contract units.


Contract unit list

An overview of all your contract units is provided by the improved contract unit list in Alasco. You can access it under the menu item "Costs" and submenu item "Contract units". The improved list can show the contract units for all projects combined or for a specific project. You can add and remove columns to the displayed list as per your requirements. You can save several different views for your particular requirements and quickly switch between them. You can also filter the contract units using any of the active columns. You are also able to export any specific view in .xlsx format.


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