Deleting contract units

You can delete a contract unit under the menu item "Costs" and submenu item "Contract units". To do this, select the contract unit to be deleted and then click on the delete button at the top right corner of the contract unit's detail card.

In the next step, confirm to permanently delete the contract unit by clicking the checkbox and finally clicking "Delete".


If the contract unit already contains contracts and other data, you must also confirm their permanent deletion.



Deleting contracts

If you want to delete a contract, you can go to the overview of the respective contract and click on the "Actions" button in the upper right corner. Here you will find the "Delete Contracts" button to delete this contract.


Confirm the deletion in the window that now appears by clicking on the checkbox and finally clicking on "Delete".


If the contract is already subjected to data such as invoices, change orders, and guarantees, you must also confirm their permanent deletion.



Deleting change orders

Change orders can be deleted in the same way as contracts by clicking on the "Actions" button in the right top corner of the details card of the change order. Here you can find the "Delete" button. You can access the details of the corresponding change order either through the submenu "Change Orders" under the menu item "Costs" or by clicking on the "Change Orders" tab within the corresponding contract.


Confirm to permanently delete the change order in the window that appears by clicking the checkbox and finally clicking "Delete".



Information on deleting corresponding and supplementary documents can be found in the section about Deleting documents and attachments.


Archiving Invoices

To ensure traceability in Alasco, it is not possible to delete an invoice completely. However, you can archive incorrect invoices at any time. This means that invoices can be recalled if they have been deleted by mistake and no invoices get lost in this way.
To do this, click on the submenu item "Invoices" under the menu item "Costs" and select the corresponding invoice. In the invoice overview, you will find the button "Actions" at the top right corner. Here you can archive the invoice by selecting the Archive option.
This function is only available to administrators, managers, and internal employees with the right to edit invoices (see Rights and Roles).
By archiving, the invoice is no longer included in the calculations of the contract, but it remains traceable that the invoice once existed, as it is displayed as an archived invoice in the "Invoices" tab of the contract.

Confirm to archive the invoice by clicking on the Archive invoice button.

Note on instalments:

Archiving instalments is done in the same way as archiving single invoices, but only the last instalment can be archived. For example, it is not possible to archive the 2nd instalment while the 3rd instalment still exists in the system. You have to first archive the 3rd instalment and then you can archive the 2nd instalment. 


Deleting documents and attachments

In Alasco you can add documents and attachments to contracts and change orders. You can also delete or replace them.

Contract documents and attachments are documents uploaded within the contract in the tab "Documents". They can refer to the contract itself or an associated change order or they can be a general attachment. Documents uploaded in this way can be deleted at any time, even if the contract has already been finalised.

To do so, click on the bin icon to the right of the respective document and confirm the permanent deletion in the next step.



Documents that you upload directly in the invoice and change order details, however, cannot be deleted, but only replaced. This is possible until the final approval or rejection of the invoice or the change order.

You can replace the document directly uploaded in the invoice or change order, by clicking on "Edit" in the details overview and then on "Manage documents" in the document view.



To be able to delete the existing document, you must upload the new document. Afterwards, you can delete the document as usual by clicking on the bin icon.



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