Contract Units in Alasco

The term "contract unit" corresponds to a combination of services that are intended to be awarded together, typically as a construction/supply contract in Alasco.

When creating contract units, the type ("Contract Unit" or "Contingency") is specified. The initial status of a contract unit is "Budgeted". This can then be changed to "Fully awarded" when all contracts have been awarded as the project progresses. The status "Finalized" is automatically assigned when all contracts assigned to the contract unit have been "Completed". The status "Contingency" is reserved for the contract unity type "Contingency".


In Alasco, the budget of cost groups is allocated to the planned "contract units." This allocated budget represents the initial budget available for tendering and awarding contracts under contract units.

The current budget of the contract unit is the initial budget and any budget changes resulting from shifts, budget increases, or decreases.

When creating a contract, you select the contract unit from which its budget should be derived. Any number of contracts can be assigned to a contract unit. However, each contract belongs to only one contract unit.

The contract unit also determines the workflows used in the contracts. When creating a project, invoice and change order workflows are assigned as defaults. These approval processes are then pre-selected by the system when creating a contract unit. However, you can assign an invoice or change order workflow to a contract unit, which is then inherited by all contracts. Therefore, all invoices and change orders within these contract units will be put through the respective workflows.

The cost allocations defined in the project can also be adjusted within the contract unit according to the specific requirements of each contract unit.


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