Editing contract units


  • How to edit contract units
  • Option to edit or delete a contract unit


First, select the contract unit to be edited under the menu item "Costs" and submenu item "Contract units". You can then edit or delete the contract unit by clicking on the buttons "Edit" or "Delete".



For contract units, you can edit the name, description, status and assigned invoice workflow at any time and, if activated in your project, also the change order workflow.

In the overview of a contract unit, you can at any time create new contracts, make budget increases or shifts, and adjust the cost allocation. Project-wide cost allocations must have been previously set up in the project settings to be able to make changes to a specific contract unit's cost allocation.

You can define the cash outflow of the contract unit in the second tab "Cash outflow".



Deleting a contract unit is only possible if no budget transfers are currently created within the contract unit. Otherwise, you will get a warning message when you try to delete it.

First delete the budget transfers by scrolling to the end of the contract unit overview. Here you will find all budget increases and transfers and can delete them using the "bin" icon.

If you delete a contract unit, all related data and documents will also be deleted. All related invoices, contracts and amendments will be deleted simultaneously with the contract unit. Before the contract unit is finally deleted, the system asks you to confirm your entry.


Reassigning a contract to a different contract unit

You can reassign a contract to a different contract unit, e.g. before deleting a contract unit. To do this, select the contract to be reassigned, and click on the "Edit" button within the contract's overview section.

In the "Contract unit" field, select another contract unit to which you want to assign the contract and confirm your selection with "Save".

Once you have deleted all contracts, amendments and invoices or assigned them to other contract units and any budget transfers have been deleted, you can delete the contract unit.


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